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Playground Injuries

Virginia Playground Injury Attorneys

Child Injured in a Playground Accident?

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Thousands of children suffer playground injuries every year. In many cases, a city or school is immune from liability. However, if the equipment is inherently unsafe because of construction defects or negligent maintenance, there may be grounds for a lawsuit if your child suffered substantial harm.

At The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC, we take your case seriously and we will vigorously pursue a viable claim. We are highly experienced lawyers who are knowledgeable about the laws of Virginia pertaining to premises liability. We can assess whether your case constitutes gross negligence — the threshold for bringing a playground injury claim.

My Child Was Hurt on Playground Equipment. Do I Have a Case?
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Playground accidents are fact-specific and may require filing a claim within a short period. The following are examples of what might constitute liability, but you should get legal advice for your specific case from a lawyer who has handled these cases. The playground operator may be liable for falls, trip and falls, lacerations, and other injuries resulting from:

  • Rotted wood, broken chains, frayed ropes
  • Missing hardware, missing rungs on ladders
  • Sharp edges or protruding bolts
  • Broken apparatus
  • Railings or steps that do not meet building codes
  • Gyms assembled contrary to manufacturer specifications
  • Hard landing surfaces if local code requires rubber or wood chips

If your child's playground accident resulted in a head injury, eye injury, broken limb or other serious harm, please call us to see if you have grounds for compensation for medical expenses and any lasting effects. We offer a free case evaluation at 866-719-4394, and we take attorney fees only if we succeed in securing monetary damages.

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