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March 2012 Archives

Over holiday, Virginia police focus on arresting drunk drivers

When a holiday known for copious alcohol consumption falls on a Saturday night, the attention of local authorities inevitably turns to drunk drivers. During the recent St. Patrick's Day holiday, police in Albemarle, Virginia, set up a series of roadblocks meant to deter drunk driving accidents.

Fatal car accident occurs near victim's own high school

Safety discussions are now taking place between school administrators and traffic officials following the tragic death of a local teen. The female high school student, who had planned on attending Liberty University in Virginia, was the victim of a fatal car accident earlier this month.

Likelihood of truck accidents tied to operators' sleep habits

With many American workers struggling to make ends meet, it seems like almost everyone is working longer hours these days. One segment of the workforce, though, is facing pressure to work less. Truck drivers are among the nation's sleepiest laborers, putting themselves at risk for tractor trailer accidents, serious injuries, or truck crashes involving fatalities.

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