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Reckless driving involved in ice cream truck, bus collision

In a frightening head-on collision, an ice cream truck collided with a school bus in Chesterfield, Virginia, on April 3. As a result, nine people were sent to the hospital. Authorities charged the driver of the ice cream truck with reckless driving. No catastrophic injuries were reported in this truck accident, but two adults and seven students were hurt.

A Chesterfield County public school bus, transporting 24 students home from Midlothian High School, rounded a curve and smashed into the ice cream truck, whose driver swerved to avoid stopped traffic in his own lane.

Neither the truck driver nor the school bus driver could easily see around the curved roadway, a fact that may complicate the reckless driving charge. However, passing a vehicle on a curve is a common component of reckless driving in the state, so reactions to the case will depend upon further investigation of the crash.

The truck driver's speed at the time of the incident will likely play a role in the outcome of the case with the local courts. In addition, the driver's own driving history will probably also come under consideration, as will the details of the interaction between the truck driver and the police offers on the scene.

As a serious offense in Virginia, reckless driving is not a charge that is easily forgotten, especially for operators of commercial vehicles. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt in this incident, and considering all the young people aboard the bus, the outcome of the accident could have been considerably worse.

Source: NBC 12, "Ice cream truck driver charged in Chesterfield school bus crash," Ray Daudani, April 3, 2012

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