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Securing financial stability after fatal motor vehicle accidents

It is always heartbreaking when we are reminded of the fragility of life. Often times, these reminders blindside those surrounding the disaster, occurring suddenly and without notice. The dangers of the road can often lead to incidents such as these and, tragically, can be born out of the negligence of another. Unfortunately, a Virginia Beach family is dealing with one such instance of heartache due to a fatal motor vehicle accident.

After an officer attempted to pull over a Suzuki on a recent evening, police say the vehicle fled the scene, eventually crashing into a Chrysler van. The Suzuki rolled before landing on its roof and catching fire, ejecting the driver in the process, while the Chrysler was pushed across the median, hitting a third vehicle. While the driver of the Suzuki (and its two other passengers) and the passengers of the third vehicle sustained no injuries, the driver of the Chrysler van died at the scene. The driver of the Suzuki faces multiple criminal charges in connection with the accident.

In tragic cases such as the Virginia Beach accident, proper assistance from an attorney can help victims' families -- in this case, a spouse and two children -- seek justifiable compensation. All details of the accident should be made clear to the family and, if negligence is determined, damages including medical expenses prior to death, funeral expenses, loss of income and more may be sought in order to assist in their time of mental pain and suffering.

Nothing can replace a loved one once they are gone. However, through proper legal guidance and action following tragedies such as fatal car accidents, a family's financial stability can still be protected.

Source: News Channel 3, "UPDATE: Arrest made after fatal Virginia Beach car crash," Erica Greenway, Jan. 6 2014

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