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New technology could help curb commercial vehicle accidents

Like any other field, the commercial transportation industry is constantly looking for new ways to increase safety, and move forward with progressive improvements. Recently, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute revealed that a new innovation has the ability to save lives by correcting the potentially dangerous behavior of a truck driver behind the wheel.

A truck driver has an enormous amount of power to prevent a commercial vehicle accident. Staying attentive and getting enough rest, refraining from alcohol or other drugs, avoiding distractions, such as eating or cell phone use, all of these are behaviors that truck drivers can exhibit to decrease the likelihood of an accident. Thanks to a new technology, that likelihood may go down in the near future.

The program is known as "DriveCam" and utilizes a camera to monitor driver's behavior. Essentially, it is an onboard system, which carefully scrutinizes the actions of truck drivers. According to the Virginia Tech study of commercial vehicle accidents, focusing on trucks and buses, the safety system could not only cut back on collisions, injuries and deaths, but it could do so significantly. The CEO of Lytx, which powers the program, noted that the technology combines the effectiveness of predictive analytics, cloud technology and video. Interestingly, the CEO also mentioned how 90% of fatal vehicle crashes are preventable.

It is no surprise that companies are trying to improve trucking safety. A commercial vehicle accident has even more power than a passenger vehicle accident to create multiple accident victims, catastrophic injuries and fatalities, all in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, safety innovators may be paving the way for fewer accidents in the future.

Source: The Trucker News Services, "Lytx study says video-cam-based safety program saves lives," May 8, 2014

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