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June 2014 Archives

Woman injured in drunk driving accident

Summer is concert season, and countless residents of Northern Virginia spend their summer nights taking in the sights and sounds of music fests, outdoor concerts and other events. Some people may get a little carried away at these events and have a little too much to drink, however. Usually this behavior is harmless and requires a designated driver for safety's sake. Few people who attend concerts, though, expect to be hit by a drunk driver.

Tractor trailer accident near Virginia

A large semi truck striking anything is dangerous, but a tractor-trailer colliding with another tractor-trailer can be especially calamitous. Recently, in Augusta County, Virginia, a fatal rear-end collision occurred and claimed the life of a 55-year-old man. The tractor trailer accident played out on Interstate 81 on June 11.

Nationwide study tallies up true costs of car accidents

There is often a dizzying array of costs associated with car accidents. For the individuals involved, there are likely to be medical expenses and lost wages due to missed work from the auto accident. For surviving family members of victims in fatal accidents, both medical expenses and funeral expenses can add financial trauma on top of tragedy.

Beloved Virginia volunteer killed in head-on collision

When an 86-year-old passes away, usually it is due to health issues which, while devastating, are also generally expected for older age groups. Senior citizens, though, can also be victims of fatal car accidents. Due to their unexpected nature, these types of tragedies can be even more traumatic than the effects of a long-term illness.

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