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August 2015 Archives

Who is liable if a minor is driving drunk and has an accident?

Can the parents of an intoxicated minor be held liable if an accident occurs? The answer is yes. Parents are liable for the actions of their minor child. In other words, the parents may be sued by the victims of a drunk driving accident if their child was driving while impaired.

Will self-driving cars cause accidents?

Some people are nervous about the idea of a self-driving car. What if the computer makes a mistake and the car drives through a red light or into the side of a building? Do the people inside really want to put their lives in the hands of a machine? In short, people wonder if self-driving cars will be safe or if they'll cause accidents.

Can putting cellphone down while driving prevent an accident?

Driving in Virginia often means that the roadways are either foggy or covered in snow or mist. In the best conditions, if someone is driving distracted, he or she is putting everyone he or she meets on the road in danger. Texting and talking on a cellphone are the main reasons people are distracted at the wheel.

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