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October 2015 Archives

What is meant by 'negligence?'

There are many instances when someone's negligence can lead to a civil lawsuit. For example, someone could be a negligent driver involved in a car accident, a negligent pet owner whose dog attacked a neighborhood child or a negligent doctor who didn't prescribe the right medication.

Rush hour produces the most car accidents

When you're given car accident statistics in Virginia, they're often broken down to an even spacing, perhaps by saying that there are "X" amount of accidents every five minutes, or that there is one accident every "X" seconds. While this can illustrate how common accidents are, it also leads to misconceptions, making people think that accidents happen evenly spaced out throughout the day.

We hold drunk drivers accountable for the injuries they inflict

There is no doubt that drunk driving is a serious problem here in Virginia, just as it is across the nation. Intoxicated drivers claim innocent lives and spread misery and heartache when their poor decisions result in deaths and injuries.

Safety tips for driving in fall weather

It doesn't seem like it should be fall yet. However, the temperatures are falling, rain and other precipitation keep coming down and pumpkins are starting to appear on doorsteps. While it might not seem like there is much to consider when driving in the fall, that really couldn't be farther from the truth. Here are some safety tips to remember during this season:

Motorcylist escorting motorcyclist's ashes killed in crash

Motorcyclists are vulnerable when on the road. Other drivers in motor vehicles may not see the much smaller bikes and the lack of protection around the motorcyclists often means serious injuries or death when a crash occurs.

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