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November 2015 Archives

Thanksgiving sees more fatal DUI crashes than New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is thought of as a party holiday, with drinking, dancing and people driving home from the bar. Thanksgiving is thought of as a family holiday, where everyone gathers at grandma's house and carves a turkey.

Which truck drivers are most likely to fall asleep?

It would be wonderful if drivers in Virginia could know in advance which truck drivers were most likely to fall asleep behind the wheel. After all, there are roughly 6,000 fatal accidents each year that can be linked back to drowsy driving, and commercial drivers play a big part in this.

Pedestrian dies after hit by car

Pedestrians are always at higher risk of serious injuries or death when involved in a car accident simply because there isn't any protection around them. While vehicles are supposed to yield to pedestrians, this doesn't always happen.

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