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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Archives

Roman slaves and truck accident cases: What's the connection

Most Virginia residents know that a negligent truck driver who hurts them will be liable for the costs and damages stemming from the accident. However, not everyone is aware that the truck driver's employer will also be financially responsible. The reason for this dates back to Roman times when the rich owned slaves who they'd send out into the city to do their bidding.

Facts about motorcoaches and safety

A few years ago, the American Bus Association Foundation commissioned a study to determine how large and active the motorcoach industry was in parts of North America. The result was the Motorcoach Census of 2014. Below are some of its findings.

5 things your lawyer needs after your wreck with a company truck

Being injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle like a company truck can cause extensive injuries that can leave the injured victims out of work for significant lengths of time.

Large commercial trucks pose unique hazards on the road

When passenger vehicles and large commercial semitrucks collide on Virginia's interstates and highways, the smaller, lighter vehicles are no match for the sheer weight and size of the big rig behemoths. The results can be both gruesome and tragic for occupants of the smaller cars and light trucks.

Questions about school bus safety?

With another school year about to start, it's a good time to focus on school bus safety. Do you realize that every school bus route removes potentially 36 vehicles from the roads in both the mornings and afternoons? School buses cut down on the congestion involved with parent drop-offs and pick-ups, too.

What happens after a fatal commercial accident?

You understand the risks associated with driving. You know that you could be involved in an accident at any time. Unfortunately, there is no way to prepare yourself for losing a loved one in a commercial vehicle accident. If this happens, your life is sure to change forever.

Who can be held liable for a commercial vehicle accident?

When someone is injured in a commercial vehicle accident that wasn't his or her fault, it is quite common for the victim to seek compensation. It can also be common to only think of the driver of the commercial vehicle as liable for the accident.

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