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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Common rollover accident causes

A loved one was killed in a deadly rollover accident. He or she was riding with a friend, and you're thinking about trying to get financial compensation to help cover the funeral costs, medical costs and other financial issues stemming from this tragic death.

Fatal car accidents and pursuing wrongful death damages

There is no way to measure the impact that an unexpected death has on a family. That's because, when a loved one disappears from our lives permanently, we have no idea what we're missing -- just a fuzzy dream of what life could have been like if our dear one had been able to stay in our lives.

When you lose a loved one without notice

It's not easy to lose a loved one no matter how it happens. When the loss of someone close to you comes without notice, however -- and when you expected to spend the rest of your life with that person by your side -- the loss can be devastating beyond words. Many Virginia residents never fully recover emotionally from such a loss.

Did you get saved by the Jaws of Life?

Before rescue workers started using the Jaws of Life, injured people in car crashes might get trapped in the mangled metal of a vehicle for many hours before they could be freed. The time it took to free the accident victim represented a significant delay that might result in the worsening of health conditions and death. The Jaws of Life served to speed up the process of freeing trapped victims from car accident wreckage so they can receive the life-saving medical attention they require.

Did a drunk driver cause your injuries?

Drunk driving laws are strict in Virginia for a reason; quite simply, driving while intoxicated results in unnecessary death and injuries. Police and community members must therefore do everything they can to educate others about the inherent dangers of drunk driving, as well as the criminal and legal consequences of engaging in the behavior.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents

One of the most difficult aspects for police when it comes to a fatal motor vehicle accident is that they cannot ask a deceased driver what happened in the incident. Perhaps the other driver was in the wrong, but without the perspective of the deceased individual, it makes it challenging to piece together exactly what happened.

Did you survive a bike accident? Preserve your rights

If you get in a collision on a bicycle with a vehicle, you are lucky to survive it. If you are able to get up and walk away from it, you may be so overwhelmed that you brush off the need for police and/or ambulances.

Let us help you fight for justice after a loved one is killed

When tragedy strikes and a loved one loses his or her life, families struggle to cope with their losses. But when those losses were due to negligence or careless disregard for the safety of others, it's understandable to get angry and want to seek justice.

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