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Truck Accidents Archives

How do most truck accident cases happen?

Semitrucks are giant behemoths that cause catastrophic injuries and damages whenever they get into a crash. To make an analogy, an 18-wheeler getting into a collision with a compact car is like a mountain versus molehill. This is why strict federal laws exist to govern the driving habits and maintenance standards that apply to truck drivers and their vehicles.

Easter weekend truck accident kills family of 4

The Easter holiday is supposed to be a time of cheer, when we enjoy days spent with loving family members. As such, when an unplanned car accident interrupts such a holiday to bring catastrophic injury, death and tragedy, it's particularly disheartening. This is exactly what happened to one Virginia family of four last weekend.

Limiting driving time can prevent trucker fatigue

Truckers are responsible for very large vehicles that are very heavy and can do considerable damage. This is one reason why semi truck accidents are so horrible. The federal government has stepped in to try to reduce the number of truckers who are fatigued, but they can only do so much.

Trump rule-freezing tactic could raise truck accident risk

The transition to the Trump administration has been accompanied by changes for a variety of industries, and the transportation sector is no exception. In light of the administration's refusal to promulgate any new regulation through a "freeze" period, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is struggling to reduce truck accident risk without the regulatory tools they were promised. This could lead to an increase in the number of semi truck crash events in Virginia and other locations, according to experts in the transportation industry.

Why do truck accidents cause such serious injuries?

Truck drivers are some of the most experienced drivers on the road. They literally drive for a living, with many of them working on the roads for more than 40 hours a week. So, why are serious injuries so often linked to accidents with commercial trucks?

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