A man pleaded guilty in court recently to being involved in a hit-and-run that killed a 60-year-old man. The fatal car accident happened in August 2010 near Manassas. The 24-year-old driver of a 1996 Saturn was driving south on Sudley Road near Coverstone Drive at approximately 11 p.m. on Aug. 20 when he struck the 60-year-old pedestrian. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene.

Court records and the criminal complaint filed against the accused suggest alcohol was a factor in the accident. Further, admission of guilt by the charged was assumed when he returned to the scene of the accident. His first question to officers at the scene was “Is he ok?” Police said that suggested to them that the man was aware that he had hit a person in the accident. This type of evidence could be crucial when building a case against the man in civil court. The 24-year-old man faces up to 10 years in prison with sentencing to occur in January 2012.

While the family of the deceased man waits for the 24-year-old man’s sentencing, they may choose to seek compensation in civil court in order to obtain damages for his funeral costs, possible lost wages and their pain and suffering.

After a fatal crash, families are left to mourn the loss of their loved one and often have to deal with unexpected financial burdens that result from the incident. In cases like this, the negligence of another person not only changes the life of the person responsible, but also the lives of the family mourning the deceased.

Source: The Inside Nova, “Man pleads guilty in fatal pedestrian crash near Manassas,” Amanda Stewart, Oct. 27, 2011