Virginia residents know that any accident involving either a freight train or a tractor-trailer can lead to devastating consequences. When a tractor-trailer collides with a freight train, the outcome could be tragic. Some Manassas commuters may have been witness to such an accident when a tractor trailer and freight train collided in a recent commercial vehicle accident during rush-hour traffic.

The accident occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. near Linton Hall Road in Gainesville earlier this month. U.S. 29 in Gainesville was closed until 9 p.m. that evening after a freight train collided with an 18-wheeler. The train did not derail from the accident, although it took a long time to remove both vehicles from the scene.

Fortunately, no physical injuries were reported, but there were significant delays in traffic that resulted from the accident. Many area commuters reported saying that the aftermath of the accident forced them to take several hours to reach their destination. Backups were reported on Virginia 55, U.S. 29 and I-66. All lanes of U.S. 29 were closed for several hours, including exits from Interstate 66 to Gainesville.

No injuries were initially reported in the commercial vehicle accident. Even so, many times an injury from an accident can be reported days or even weeks following an accident, particularly one as large as this. While the accident remains under investigation, if negligence is found on any vehicle operator’s part, they may still be open to civil litigation. Each vehicle operator would be wise to retain counsel if for no other reason than to ensure their rights are maintained during the investigation and the possible litigation that may follow.

Source: InsideNoVa, “U.S. 29 closed after train hits tractor-trailer,” Dec. 9, 2011