Manassas, Virginia, area residents have suffered from a number of fatal car accidents over the last several months. Many of these tragedies are explainable, and the cause of the car crash can be discovered through police investigations and eyewitness accounts. Other types of fatal auto accidents are not as easy to explain. This may be the case for an accident that took place earlier this month in Fairfax County, at least from preliminary reports.

According to the police in Fairfax County, the commercial vehicle accident took place on Route 7 just in front of a car dealership when a pump truck hit a sedan. The female driver of the sedan got out of her car after the collision, and the truck then struck and killed her. Police were not immediately sure why the truck hit the sedan or the woman and they were continuing with their investigation.

In a case such as this where the facts are still forthcoming, the driver of the pump truck may wish to obtain legal representation if for no other reason than to protect his legal rights as the investigation unfolds. Undoubtedly, the family of the deceased woman will want answers as well as they try to come to terms with their sudden loss. Discovering the reason behind the accident may help prevent another fatal accident of the same type in the same area. For the victim’s family, it appears that a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages for the negligent loss of their loved one’s life could be viable.

Source: WUSA News Now, “Fatal Crash Closes Part Of Route 7 Eastbound,” Meta Pettus, Dec. 5, 2011