Whether the person behind the wheel is an A-list celebrity or an everyday commuter on any street in Virginia, car accidents can spur a chain of events affecting multiple lives. For former child star Lindsay Lohan, a recent auto accident has created a ripple of legal and financial complications.

At this point, all that is certain is that Lohan was in a rented Porsche that rear-ended a dump truck in California earlier this month. The actress has given multiple accounts of the resulting accident and may now be in more legal trouble due to her prior criminal history. This spring marked the end of a supervised probation period for the starlet; she had previously accumulated charges of drunk driving and shoplifting.

Motorists in Virginia can take heed from Lohan’s troubles, as the state requires a quick official follow-up to non-minor car accidents. When Virginia law enforcement investigates car accidents, state law requires that police submit a report to the DMV if the incident causes death, personal injury or property damage over $1,000.

Authorities were quick to take a second look at Lohan’s recent auto accident, which caused undisclosed injuries to the driver of the truck. The truck driver immediately dialed 911 following the accident. He says that Lohan’s assistant, who was also in the Porsche, approached him and attempted to dissuade him from contacting outside help. The driver also says that Lohan and her assistant tried to flee the scene.

Fortunately, the driver was apparently not seriously injured, but he did visit a hospital for evaluation. Depending on the circumstances of the collision, he may be entitled to recover damages for his injuries.

Source: The Contra Costa Times, “People: Lindsay Lohan lied to police about accident, report says,” Ann Tatko-Peterson, June 11, 2012