On October 15, a man sustained serious injuries as the result of a frightening collision with a dump truck. The commercial vehicle accident happened near Old Hundred Road and the Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield, where a single vehicle crash closed parts of Courthouse Road earlier the same week.

The accident victim in the more recent wreck was driving his Nissan Maxima when the dump truck slammed into the side of his vehicle. The wreckage was so severe that first responders had to cut the man from his car, later taking him to MCV medical center via helicopter.

Authorities later described the victim’s condition as life-threatening, although officials have yet to charge the driver of the dump truck with any wrongdoing. The crash investigation continues as police seek more detailed information on the events leading up to the collision.

Last month in Albemarle County, a tractor-trailer overturned following a crash on Gordonsville Road. Thankfully, no catastrophic injuries resulted from that incident.

Starting on the date of a commercial vehicle accident, victims have a specific window of time in order to file a claim for personal injuries. However, this timeline can be complicated by the injuries caused by the accident.

Victims can become so wrapped-up in medical paperwork and hospitalizations that they lose track of dates and deadlines, ending up unable to pursue justice on their own behalf.

Another time-related consequence of commercial vehicle accidents is the amount of time it can take to fully resolve an injury claim. This can vary dramatically depending on the unique circumstances of each event; it is crucial for investigators, victims, and their attorneys to meticulously gather information from day one in order to set the course for the resolution process.

Source: WRIC, “Man suffered life-threatening injuries in dump truck accident.” Oct. 15, 2012.