Virginians who had stopped to fill up their gas tanks faced a scary sight one recent night, when a truck ran into a gas pump.

The tractor trailer accident took place on a Friday night in Bristol, when a tractor-trailer rolled over a fuel pump. This sparked a fire, and the flames quickly surrounded both the truck and the gas pump at the Valero station.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fiery incident, although the truck was damaged beyond repair.

Firefighters who responded to the scene noted that hazardous materials were involved. According to a lieutenant with the Bristol Fire Department, a nearby creek helped contain runoff. In addition, the fire actually consumed most of the fuel spillage.

It is extremely fortunate that no one was injured in the fire. It does not take much to think about what could have gone wrong had the fire spread out of control at the gas station. There’s no word on if there were other cars at the station at the time, but there definitely could have been more people injured in the blaze.

At this point it’s unknown what caused the truck to drive over the fuel pump or if the driver was under the influence of some sort of substance. One would think most drivers would be able to avoid well-lit fuel pumps.

Even under the most mundane of circumstances, such as hauling sawdust or traveling toward a parade route, trucks can pose a serious danger to those around them. Especially as December weather leads to unpredictable conditions, there is simply no telling what a large truck or tractor trailer will do once the rubber meets the road.

Source: WCYB, “Tractor trailer hits gas pump causing fire at local gas station.” Laura Halm, Dec. 1, 2012