Virginia Marine Police don’t typically place handcuffs on a motor vehicle driver, but in some instances, these authorities must intervene on land as well as sea. One such incident occurred on the night of January 14, when a car accident in Virginia Beach damaged several other vehicles.

Police say that around 9:30pm, a car speeding west on Interstate 264 initially fled the patrol cars pursuing it. The driver of the vehicle then proceeded to run a red light, strike a power pole, and roll over. The man behind the wheel was ejected during the auto accident, thereby sustaining serious injuries.

The car crash caused live power lines to fall upon cars in a nearby parking lot, damaging the vehicles.

Virginia Marine Police plan to issue the following charges against the driver: attempting to elude police, running a red light, and reckless driving. In Virginia, a reckless driving offense can lead to license suspension, a fine, or even time in jail. However, the penalties pale in comparison to the damage done to others on the road.

In an accident involving live power lines coming down in a parking lot, catastrophe can easily follow. Witnesses could receive burns and shocks as well as car damage, and the subsequent medical expenses could prove devastating.

In addition, a car careening into utility poles is a prime ingredient in multi-vehicle accidents and rollovers. While others on the roadway were extremely fortunate to avoid the car in the January 14 crash, countless others are not so lucky. Virginia State Police note that almost 800 people died statewide in 2012 as a result of car accidents.

According to John Bull of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, Marine Police are empowered to enforce laws on land, even though their typical domain is the sea. In this case, the Marine Police will be responsible for investigating the causes of the auto crash, while the Virginia Beach Police will look into the crash itself.

Source: WAVY, “Marine police to charge driver in crash.” Rachel West, Jan. 15, 2013.