On April 15, most Virginians are worried about filing their taxes on-time or taking advantage of tax day freebie offers in their local area. However, for drivers on Interstate 81 in the southern part of the state, that day was filled with more than just administrative concerns. A tractor-trailer accident occurred when a semi-truck and a pickup truck collided on I-81 a little after noon.

According to a spokeswoman for the Virginia State Police, the tractor-trailer, which had been hauling about 50,000 pounds of strawberries, wound up overturning in the southbound lane of the interstate. The massive truck landed atop a pickup truck, and at least one person required airlift by medical helicopter away from the scene. It is unclear what the extent of any injuries may be, or who was ultimately at fault in the incident.

A commercial vehicle accident can feature a host of frightening factors. Sometimes, large trucks that overturn are transporting dangerous chemicals or live animals, and when their cargos bust loose, it can pose a danger to drivers stopped near a crash. In addition, the sheer size of a semi-truck can wreak catastrophic havoc on smaller cars; even pickup trucks pale in comparison to their much-larger counterparts. As a result of this size differential, the types of injuries that stem from a trucking accident can prove varied and severe.

In the Northern Virginia area, semi-trucks regularly share the road with commuters, families, and other roadway users. This combination can pose an even bigger risk of collisions than in rural or isolated areas. When these collisions occur, victims and their attorneys can benefit from working together to pinpoint the causes of the crash. Often, accident reconstruction specialists can be utilized, as well as lawyers experienced in the laws and regulations applicable to truckers. For instance, a seasoned attorney can determine if a truck’s load was improperly secured, or if the truck driver was being led to drive without adequate rest.

Source: Bluefield Daily Telegraph, “Tractor trailer carrying 50,000 pounds of strawberries overturns on I-81, southbound lanes blocked,” April 15, 2013