An accident that resulted in raw sewage leaking from a truck snarled traffic in Northern Virginia on May 26. The unpleasant spillage, however, was not the worst part of the unfortunate episode. Five people sustained injuries in the crash, with three individuals requiring hospital treatment for serious physical damage.

The commercial vehicle accident occurred early in the morning on Route 50 near Fillmore Street. The collision between a sedan, carrying five people, and a sewage truck led to the leaking mess and the temporary closing of eastbound Route 50. In addition, two of the accident victims in the sedan had to be pulled out by firefighters, demonstrating the severity of these types of crashes.

The truck in this incident had been transporting human waste for a portable toilet company and the sewage crept into a nearby storm drain. The mess required hazardous materials crews to come to the scene and conduct a cleanup operation. The Department of Environmental Services also became involved and officials from that group determined that the runoff would enter Four Mile Run via Lower Long Branch Run, south of Route 395.

In cases where potentially hazardous materials are spilled onto a busy roadway, officials may unintentionally overlook the actual crash victims. However, those injured by commercial vehicles can still exercise their rights, no matter how many other elements of the wreck attract official attention. Victims and their attorneys may have to work extra hard to uncover facts about the truck driver and his actions during the incident, as well as information on the truck company and the vehicle’s maintenance. Still, these answers are crucial, as they may provide the key components towards a successful personal injury suit.

Source:, “Crash involving sewage truck closes EB Rt. 50,” May 26, 2013