On June 8 in Virginia Beach, an 84-year-old man lost his life in an accident that left his passenger and other driver injured. Police say that a 40-year-old Norfolk man caused the drunk driving accident; the driver has since been charged with involuntary manslaughter and maiming. Due to the presence of a juvenile with him in his vehicle at the time of the crash, he also faces the charge of DUI – child present.

The incident occurred when the Norfolk man’s pickup truck drifted off to the side of Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach. The driver tried to recover but over-corrected, a common error when motorists are drowsy, intoxicated or otherwise not paying attention. The over-correction led to the man’s truck crossing lanes into traffic headed the opposite direction. The truck hit a Ford Taurus, causing the smaller car to spin and finally come to a stop in an intersection.

The 84-year-old driver of the Taurus did not survive the crash, and his passenger was taken to a hospital with injuries. The truck was later hit by a Volkswagen Beetle, whose driver – and the crash’s third accident victim – also required medical attention for injuries. The driver of the truck, on the other hand, was not injured despite being part of a fatal collision.

As this incident demonstrates, even slightly drifting off to the side of the road can cause a deadly chain reaction. Crashes like these are entirely preventable, however. With the advent of cell phones and the wide array of transportation options in busy metro areas, there is simply no excuse for being or becoming a drunk driver. Accident victim attorneys can pursue punitive damages in cases where a driver’s BAC is .15 or higher, which can help prevent a drunk driver from avoiding responsibility.

Source: WVEC, “Police say accused drunk driver caused fatal crash in Va. Beach,” June 9, 2013