Charges of reckless driving have resulted from an accident that occurred earlier this month in Culpeper County, Virginia. A 22-year-old woman had to be flown to the University of Virginia hospital after her car, a Toyota Celica, was struck by an SUV. The incident began when an SUV traveling south on U.S. 29 pulled in front of the Toyota. The cars collided and both vehicles overturned. The car crash has culminated in charges against the 39-year-old who was behind the wheel of the SUV.

It is not yet known if the injuries suffered by the Toyota driver will threaten her life. When a vehicle overturns it can be incredibly dangerous, as the driver or passengers may become trapped or crushed. Even if the occupants of a car are wearing seatbelts, as both drivers were in this case, the results of a flipped car can potentially be deadly.

Even if the injuries that stem from an accident like this are not catastrophic, the medical costs can be. When someone suffers any sort of injury from an auto crash there are usually immediate medical expenses. There may also be more long-term expenses relating to recovery or rehabilitation. In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, costs can be much higher than expected and can vary greatly from provider to provider.

Due to these costs, the frustration and shock after a car accident can accelerate rapidly. A personal injury lawsuit may help by seeking compensation for injuries and expenses. Even if an injured driver believes it is clear who was at fault in a crash, the legal system has its own series of tests and procedures for finding fault.

Source:, Woman flown to hospital after car crash,” Sept. 7, 2013