Early on a weekend morning is not a particularly unusual time for car accidents. It’s not uncommon for alcohol-related accidents to occur in this time period in northern Virginia, as a recent drunk driving accident indicates.

The fatal incident occurred less than an hour after midnight on a Sunday morning in Loudoun County. A BMW collided with a motorcycle, severely injuring both the motorcycle’s driver as well as its passenger. Both parties succumbed to their injuries afterwards at a local hospital. The driver of the BMW, a 52-year-old from Ashburn, was not hurt in the accident. He was, however, charged with driving under the influence and was held without bond.

A drunk driver has the potential to cause any number of injuries, many of them fatal. A drunk driver in congested Northern Virginia has even more capability to cause damage. In this case, the crash investigation is ongoing and will be under review by the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

In another recent crash, police are still trying to determine if alcohol may have been a factor. The same day as the BMW crash, a 21-year-old motorist drove his car into a concrete underpass in Fairfax County. One of his passengers died at the scene, while another sustained life-threatening injuries.

A drunk driving accident can turn a Virginian’s life upside down in an instant. A surviving accident victim can face astronomical medical expenses as the result of another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior. In an uncertain economy and an even less stable healthcare environment, these costs can prove insurmountable. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, though, victims can obtain equitable compensation for medical costs stemming directly from a crash.

Source: The Washington Post, “Several killed in deadly weekend crashes in Northern Virginia,” Rachel Weiner, Oct. 6, 2013