When two different types of commercial vehicles collide, the end result can be frightening and even fatal. Sadly, that was the case with a recent commercial vehicle accident in Virginia, which ultimately claimed the life of a 56-year-old man.

The crash happened in the early afternoon of Dec. 17, on Virginia Beach Boulevard in Virginia Beach. A 2000 Freightliner delivery vehicle and a 1988 box truck were both heading west on the boulevard. The delivery truck rammed into the back of the older box truck; the box truck was run off the road and ended-up slamming into a pole. Tragically, the driver of that truck was thrown from the vehicle and died on the scene.

As this collision demonstrates, even a seemingly simple rear-end incident can become a deadly trucking accident. Unlike some smaller passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles don’t need to be traveling very fast to wreak a lot of havoc. Sometimes, as in this case, the driver of a freightliner won’t suffer any injuries while someone in a different vehicle can be severely hurt or killed. The Dec. 17 accident remains under an ongoing investigation, and it is not known if there are additional accident victims.

Many times, the family members of a deceased accident victim don’t realize they may be entitled to significant compensation. This compensation can help a family cope with sudden funeral costs, lost wages and massive emotional anguish. However, it can be difficult to secure such compensation without a legal professional who takes the time to, via the victim’s loved ones, get to know the person who passed. When families take the initiative to secure trusted counsel in the aftermath of a fatal crash, their attorneys can, in turn, present a fully-formed picture of the lost loved one to the courts.

Source: The Daily Press, “Virginia Beach: 56-year-old man killed after being ejected from truck,” Andrea Castillo, Dec. 18, 2013