It is not unusual for a drunk driving accident to involve multiple vehicles in Virginia. Even a simple, everyday intersection can be a setting for death and disaster when just one driver behaves with negligence or recklessness. Sadly, that happened in Virginia Beach recently when an apparently drunk driver blew through an intersection and hit a car, which in turn was pushed into colliding with a third vehicle.

Fortunately, the driver of the third vehicle escaped with no serious injuries. However, the same could not be said for others involved in the drunk driving accident, which took place earlier this month on a Sunday night. According to police, officers had been chasing a Suzuki SL7 whose driver refused to stop for suspected traffic violations. The Suzuki was heading south, right through an intersection, when it collided with a van heading east. The van’s 59-year-old driver, described as a kind man by others, lost his life at the scene.

The Suzuki’s 27-year-old driver, who faces multiple charges after the crash, was ejected from his car after it flipped over and ignited into flames. Three passengers in that vehicle had to be taken to a hospital for treatment for their injuries. The suspected drunk driver has been charged with second degree murder in the deadly event, as well as felony eluding, first offense DUI and DUI maiming and driving on a suspended license. Finally, that driver was cited for not wearing a seat belt.

If a driver cares little about his or her own safety, it’s likely that person is not overly concerned with the safety of others on the road. Nevertheless, all drivers in Virginia have an obligation to operate their vehicles with reasonable caution. When they don’t, and others are hurt or even killed, victims or victims’ families can pursue personal injury or wrongful death courses of action in the courts.

Source: WAVY, “Man faces DUI charge in deadly pursuit,” Jan. 5, 2014