In Northern Virginia, tour buses are not an uncommon sight. Tourists frequently flock to the DC area during all four seasons, while countless charter buses zip up and down the interstates that pass through the area. As with any type of vehicle, though, tour buses are susceptible to getting involved in a commercial vehicle accident, and their sheer size can be extremely destructive

When buses share the road with trucks the effects of an accident can quickly multiply. A total of 17 people became accident victims of an incident in California recently, when a tour bus and a semi-truck collided. According to the driver of the bus, the semi-truck was in front of him and hit the brakes. The tour bus operator also hit his brakes, but it was too late and there was little he could do to avoid slamming into the truck.

More than 30 people had been on the bus at the time, including three children. An Officer on the scene said the bus riders were fortunate the accident wasn’t more severe than it was as the crash took place while many of them were sleeping. Still, being jolted awake by the impact of two massive vehicles is not on any tourist’s itinerary, and neither are medical bills, lost wages and the other negative effects of an injurious semi-truck accident.

Those injured in a commercial vehicle accident are wise to seek an attorney’s help. There may be multiple parties responsible for the incident, as well as multiple – or different – parties responsible for the resulting injuries. An aggressive attorney will fight to hold accountable all those responsible for the accident, including the companies that employed the errant drivers.

Source: ABC 30, “Tour bus heading for Washington crashes in Tulare,” Amanda Venegas, Jan. 14, 2014