In some car or truck accident cases in Virginia, the events are plain to see and the cause is clearly distinguished. In others, though, there may be missing pieces of the puzzle that authorities, victims and their attorneys must work to discover. In a commercial vehicle accident, there may be even more factors that must be pieced together to tell the whole story.

On a recent Thursday morning, a 31-year-old man from Virginia was struck by what initially appeared to be a large truck. He had been walking alongside a road when the collision took place, likely between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. The body was discovered a short time later, and reports from the following day noted that the man had been identified. Reports also indicated that whoever had been driving the vehicle that had struck the man did not stop after the accident.

The story took another turn when the local school district issued a release. Officials with the school system acknowledged that it was one of their bus drivers who had hit the man. No children had been riding the bus at the time; the bus was on its way to pick up children when the accident took place. The release also mentioned that the district was working cooperatively with local authorities.

While more information is likely to come forth about this case in the future, the victim’s family must immediately cope with the fallout. A commercial vehicle, such as a truck or a bus, has the potential to inflict catastrophic injuries upon a pedestrian. These injuries, in turn, can lead to severe money problems for the victim. If the victim passes away, funeral expenses can be piled on top of medical expenses to produce financial calamity. Fortunately, even while police are still figuring out the puzzle of what happened and why, a victim’s family can work with an auto accident attorney to determine who was responsible and the extent of the damages.

Source: WVNS, “Mercer County school officials release statement following the death of Patrick Neal,” Douglas Fritz, Feb. 20, 2014