One of the most terrifying thing any Northern Virginia driver can encounter is a wrong-way driver. When the vehicle coming at you is a snow plow, the fear factor understandably gets taken up another notch. Recently in Arlington, a snow plow was headed in the wrong direction and another driver narrowly avoided a commercial vehicle accident.

There is video of the frightening scene, which caused a driver to swerve off the road and barely escape a head-on crash. That driver was able to take a cell phone video of the snow plow’s travel; the video later turned up on a local news broadcast. The witness narrates the video and comments that the snow plow driver’s wrong-way antics could easily kill someone. Later, that same plow struck a car at an intersection, according to officials from Arlington County.

On Arlington Boulevard, another snow plow experienced troubles and was wobbling on a median for a time. Yet another incident resulted in downed power lines in Sterling, after a collision between a box truck and a car. The impact sent the truck off the road and into a power pole. Both the pole and even some live wires were knocked down.

A negligent truck driver can, unfortunately, cause all sorts of accidents. Thankfully, witness recordings of drivers behaving badly can prove invaluable in court. Thanks to cell phones and other devices, these recordings are becoming more common. Those hit by a truck or commercial vehicle in Virginia should cooperate with investigators and help their attorneys discover all the witness accounts available.

In addition, initial police reports and even the local news can also provide needed documentation of alleged negligence or recklessness. No one should have to suffer injuries as the result of a wrong-way driver, especially if that driver is supposed to keep the roadways safe.

Source: WJLA, “Virginia snow plows spin out of control,” Jay Korff and Stephen Tschida, March 17, 2014