In a four-season area like Northern Virginia, March almost always comes in like a lion and exits like a lamb. Weather-wise, that appears to be true this year as well, but early March was also brutal in the number of fatal car accidents that spread tragedy through the state. On a recent Saturday night, an 18-year-old passenger in a vehicle was killed in a wreck involving six vehicles.

Just a little before midnight, the crash took place and killed the Virginia Beach teen. Police have not yet filed any charges, and information about the causes of the accident appears scarce. Authorities are actively requesting that any witnesses to the incident come forward and share that information with police. In addition, an accident reconstruction team is also at work.

Closer to the beginning of the month, more fatal crashes took place in Virginia. A 31-year-old woman was charged with reckless driving after losing control of her car and colliding with a tree. That accident fatally injured her 35-year-old passenger. Another driver, a 19-year-old, also faces reckless driving charges after her car ran into the back of a state trooper vehicle. The officer in the rear-ended car suffered minor injuries.

According to an AAA representative, many of these wrecks involve drivers whose cars are simply traveling too fast for conditions. A law-abiding driver can become a negligent driver if he or she fails to account for weather conditions in regard to a vehicle’s speed. Just because a posted speed limit is 50 miles per hour, driving safely and responsibly may mean going much slower than that.

In cases of fatalities, the results of a crash reconstruction team are tremendously helpful to the deceased person’s family or estate. These results can often reveal if a suspected negligent driver was speeding or not, or if that person was otherwise failing to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. Understanding the reason behind an accident may be the first step in providing some closure for the victims’ families.

Source: WTKR, “Update: State Police seek information from witnesses to crash that killed Virginia Beach teen,” Carla Lemons, March 9, 2014