One of the worst types of car accidents any Virginian can become involved in is one in which a vehicle is pushed into an intersection. While all crossings are different, the typical intersection has many vehicles traveling through at once, some in different directions and some speeding through a yellow light just in time. Most people travel through intersections several times a day without giving them a second thought, but these aspects of one’s everyday life can instantly become scenes of chaos if negligence or recklessness are involved.

Earlier this month at an intersection in Culpeper, a horrific fatal commercial trucking accident caused one fatality, sent others to the hospital, started a fire and inflicted damage upon surrounding property. During the morning hours a car and commercial truck were stopped at the intersection of Alanthus Road and U.S. 29, with the larger wood-hauling truck behind the smaller passenger vehicle. Another truck, this one carrying produce, was heading north on 29 when it struck the back of stopped truck a little before 7:30 a.m. The impact pushed the passenger car into the intersection and caused the two trucks to catch fire.

The 68-year-old driver of the produce truck was killed at the scene of the crash. Both the driver of the passenger car, as well as the driver of the wood-hauling truck, had to be taken to nearby hospitals. As crews on the scene worked to get the fire subdued, a portion of U.S. 29 was shut down for two hours. An accident reconstruction team with the Virginia State Police also arrived on the scene; if any personal injury suits arise from the incident, the results of the VSP investigation are likely to prove invaluable.

Truck accidents may involve complicated issues of negligence since it’s possible for more than one person to be liable for an accident that hurts or kills another. Some people may believe only the truck driver can be sued for personal injury or wrongful death, since many times distracted driving or truck driver fatigue are the causes of a damaging crash. However, negligent truck maintenance or a trucking company that skirts rules and regulations may also be to blame.

Source: Culpeper Star Exponent, “One killed in three-vehicle crash,” Jeff Say, July 2, 2014