Multi-vehicle crashes can cause a lot of damage on Virginia’s roadways. At best, they may result in a fender-bender and perhaps a bruised ego for a negligent driver. Many times, though, they cause far more devastation, especially if they are or become fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Recently in Norfolk, a crash involving several vehicles led to the shocking death of a man and the serious injury of another. Two females, as well as an infant, also suffered injuries in the crash, which took place around 9:30pm near the city line between Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

According to police, a southbound vehicle stopped and its driver exited the vehicle to put something in the car’s trunk. Another car, traveling in the same lane, hit the stopped car. The impact pinned the first car’s driver between the two vehicles, a Dodge Stratus and a Mazda CX-7. Unfortunately, the driver of the Stratus, a man from Chesapeake, died shortly after the accident at a nearby hospital.

In an incident like this, there is likely to be an official investigation into the causes of the crash. In this case, authorities have noted they are continuing to investigate. Following the investigation’s conclusion, the Commonwealth’s Attorney will then proceed with filing charges, if there are any.

After fatal car accidents like this, families can often feel at a loss as to what to do next. Criminal charges may take time for authorities to file, and in some cases criminal charges might not be filed, even if there is a strong suspicion of negligence or recklessness. If either of these is suspected, family members can consider filing a wrongful death suit against a negligent driver. A civil suit doesn’t mean that criminal charges can’t be pursued by authorities, but rather that those affected most directly by sudden loss can obtain the compensation for damages to which they are entitled.

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