Traffic safety has improved significantly over the years, and with many reliable cars on the market most Virginians are able to get where they need to go safely and securely. Still, car crashes and fatal motor vehicle accidents are unfortunately a threat no matter how safety-oriented the state’s laws and cars become.

Compared to 2012, some of Virginia’s vehicle accident data for 2013 is encouraging. Last year, 741 people were killed in fatal car accidents throughout the state. That figure is down over 4 percent from the previous year. However, of the 2013 fatalities, 253 were related to alcohol — an increase of over 10 percent from the previous year. In addition, another troubling increase is found in the number of people killed in crashes where speed was found to be a factor. Last year saw 339 people lose their lives to speed-related wrecks; that figure is higher than the prior year’s total by over 8 percent.

The highest number of fatal crashes took place in March of last year, while the largest number of overall fatalities happened in October. October was also the month in which the highest number of overall crashes took place on Virginia’s roads.

While the big picture of Virginia crash data appears promising in terms of fewer fatal crashes, there is still cause for concern. Last year, there was one accident for every 4.32 minutes. Even more staggering, there were just over two lives lost every day due to motor vehicle accidents.

Many of these wrecks occur due to a negligent driver whose conduct behind the wheel poses a danger to others. The resulting loss of life often shakes families to their core. Virginians affected by fatal wrecks may seek compensation through a wrongful death course of action. Loved ones are more than statistics; they are mothers and fathers, beloved relatives, valued workers and crucial members of the household. A wrongful death suit acknowledges this and makes it clear negligent parties must do the same.

Source: Virginia DMV, “Crash Facts – 2013,” Accessed Oct. 10, 2014