A simple collision between two passenger cars can result in minor injuries or more severe afflictions. The same type of collision between a car and a semi-truck, on the other hand, is nearly guaranteed to result in more serious injuries. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents who suffer catastrophic injuries can benefit greatly from an experienced attorney’s review of their accident.

When a commercial vehicle accident takes place in Arlington, Fairfax or the surrounding areas, there is usually a police report filed regarding the crash. Without an attorney to handle one’s case, important elements of the police report may be overlooked if one later suspects that another’s negligence caused the wreck. Additionally, many accidents are not thoroughly investigated by authorities, who are often in a rush and have other pressing situations on their plates.

A law firm with the right resources can conduct a complete accident investigation. This may involve reconstructing the accident, questioning experts or reviewing the practices of the truck driver’s employer. A skilled truck accident lawyer also can inquire into the state of the commercial vehicle itself – was the truck properly maintained? Did an issue such as defective brakes lead to a crash? Was there anything about the vehicle that caused more severe injuries than should have resulted from that type of accident? Truck accident lawyers know the right questions to ask following an incident that resulted in serious injuries.

After a semi-truck accident, a victim suffering from catastrophic injuries is likely to feel physically and emotionally drained. In the face of mounting medical expenses, a victim and his or her family are also likely to experience shock and confusion. Catastrophic injuries, such as those affecting the back, neck or head, can lead to very costly rehabilitation and long-term care expenses. Moreover, these types of injuries also tend to leave a victim unable to work. With the assistance of a Manassas truck accident attorney, a victim can bring a personal injury claim that can compensate him or her for the massive damages incurred as a result of the accident.