Any sort of car accident can land a Virginia resident in a hospital. However, accidents involving commercial vehicles have a great potential to cause serious injury, life-threatening ailments and even death in some cases. Now that the brunt of the winter season has arrived, commercial vehicles such as snowplows are a frequent presence on area roads, while tractor-trailers and semi-trucks still must travel despite the perils of ice and snow. These types of large, heavy vehicles are a notoriously bad match for winter weather and often cause catastrophic injuries to accident victims.

When someone becomes the victim of a truck accident, he or she may very well find themselves spending at least one night in a hospital. High medical bills are, unfortunately, a reality for countless Americans, but for the victims of truck accidents the medical expenses can be staggering.

Adding to the costs is the confusion over hospital billing, hidden charges and errors in billing. Medical Billing Advocates of America notes that only about 20 percent of hospital bills are error-free. In addition, many people who have never spent the night in a hospital don’t realize that even a single night in a facility can produce many extra costs. These include lost wages, transportation to and from the medical center, child care costs and more.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2012 10 percent of U.S. residents were unable to pay any of their medical bills. Moreover, one-fourth of U.S. families reported difficulty tackling their medical bills. Following an accident, financial difficulties can be compounded by the physical trauma and emotional stress of a traumatic incident.

The costs of a truck accident can be overwhelming. However, an accident victim can seek compensation for their medical bills via a personal injury suit that holds any negligent parties accountable.

Source: U.S. News Money, “5 Hidden Costs of Hospital Visits,” Geoff Williams, April 8, 2014