One of the worst things any parent can hear is that their child has been involved in a school bus accident. Likewise, one of the most tragic calls a family can receive is that their loved one has been killed in a commercial vehicle accident. Recently, in Virginia, two school bus accidents left one man dead and several children with injuries, leading some to wonder if negligence played a role in either wreck.

The fatal accident took place earlier this month in Chesterfield. A 26-year-old father of two is now dead after his Toyota was struck by a school bus carrying gifted students. The bus was traveling on a stretch of road where the speed limit had recently been increased to 45 miles per hour; an investigation into such an incident may look into speeding as a cause of the crash. While none of the children on the bus were seriously injured, the Toyota driver passed away despite attempts by the bus driver and a nearby nurse to help him. The bus was equipped with both a GPS and a camera; these tools may aid in an accident investigation.

Last month, another school bus accident occurred in downtown Richmond and sent four students to the hospital. Reportedly, a big rig entered 9th Street near the state capitol. As sometimes happens when large trucks pull onto the road, the big rig’s actions caused traffic to come to a sudden stop. A pickup truck collided with a school bus, leading to the four accident victims being taken to VCU Medical Center. At the time of the incident, the bus was transporting 15 students to Richmond Alternative School. Fortunately, none of the injuries were reported as serious at the time of the crash.

If negligence played a role in either of these accidents, the accident victims may wish to consult with a Virginia personal injury or wrongful death attorney. Obtaining legal guidance can help victims or their families understand what went wrong and what their options are for resolution.

Source:, “Chesterfield bus driver shaken, heartbroken after father dies in fatal accident,” Jon Burkett, Feb. 3, 2015