The various types of Virginia car crashes are familiar to most drivers, even if they are lucky enough to have never been involved in one. Most Virginia drivers, for instance, know what a rear-end collision is, that a fender-bender is usually not serious and that a head-on collision is to be avoided at all costs. Among the various types of dangerous incidents, the “rollover” is one that is often an element in fatal car accidents.

Simply put, a rollover is when one’s vehicle is flipped-over and turns upside down. This type of accident can be caused by various contributing factors, such as a negligent driver speeding and steering too severely or a negligent tire company whose products malfunction when a car is operating at a fast pace. Certain types of vehicles, such as sport utility vehicles and large trucks, are more prone to rollovers. When a car is higher off the ground and has a relatively narrow width, it is more likely to experience a rollover. Rollovers, in fact, are the primary cause of deaths in SUVs, whereas the main cause of death related to passenger cars are frontal collisions.

Rollover crashes compose a small percentage of total wrecks, but account for nearly one-third of vehicle occupant deaths. Why are rollovers so deadly? One reason is their potential to cause head and neck injury. Trauma to the head is the most commonly-occurring type of fatal, as well as non-fatal, injury from rollovers. In addition, rollovers have a great potential to eject a person from the vehicle. Ejections account for over 60 percent of deaths stemming from rollover incidents. When one is ejected from a car, that individual can not only suffer serious head injury but also may be thrown in the path of a moving vehicle.

Since rollover accidents tend to be extremely serious, avoiding them should be a priority for everyone on the road. Unfortunately, negligent or reckless drivers will likely always be a presence on Northern Virginia streets, and many more families will experience the traumatic loss of a loved one due to a rollover or other type of crash. Families of those lost in fatal motor vehicle accidents may consult with a Virginia wrongful death attorney regarding their situation and their appropriate legal options.

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