Most drivers in Manassas are aware of the possibility of a car accident, but few think a serious or fatal accident will ever happen to them. For all motorists, passengers and pedestrians, though, the presence of intoxicated drivers is a threat that can impact them directly at any time. One Virginia family was recently left reeling after a drunk driving accident that claimed the life of two sisters from Goochland.

The accident took place earlier this month on a Sunday, on Interstate 64 a little after 8:00 p.m. Two sisters and the 16-year-old son of one of the women were heading home from a baby shower when an apparently drunk driver struck their vehicle from behind. Their car lurched off the road and struck a tree. The drunk driver’s car proceeded to collide with a third car as well as a guardrail. Fortunately, the driver in the third vehicle did not suffer serious injuries, but the same could not be said for the occupants of the car that was forced off the roadway. Both sisters were killed in the accident, while the 16-year-old’s collarbone was broken.

As this deadly incident shows, drunk driving accidents do not just happen in the early morning hours. At any moment, a drunk driver can claim a life and devastate a family. In this case, members of the sisters’ family were interviewed by local media and have expressed disbelief and grief at the thought of losing two family members in one preventable incident.

An accident victim who has been injured by a drunk driver can seek compensation for damages through a civil personal injury lawsuit. Likewise, a family who has lost a loved one to the negligence of a drunk driver can also pursue compensation in court. A Virginia drunk driving accident attorney can clarify the legal options, and help a victim or family navigate the system in a time of grief.

Source: NBC 12, “Goochland sisters leaving baby shower killed by drunk driver,” March 1, 2015