The reason a lot of people in the United States purchase sport utility vehicles is because they appear to be much safer. Indeed, in some kinds of car accidents, the massive bulk of an SUV can help to protect its occupants. However, if the SUV flips over — as they are prone to do in crashes — the consequences of the driver and his or her passengers can be serious and fatal.

Certain studies have revealed that SUV’s are twice as likely to flip over as other types of automobiles. When any kind of vehicle flips and rolls, there is a higher likelihood of passengers and drivers being ejected and suffering fatal injuries or permanent disabilities as a result.

SUV manufacturers are aware of the fact that their vehicles are likely to roll over in a crash. Nevertheless, they fail to add safety features that could limit these rollover risks. In some cases, a manufacturer’s failure to add safety features is negligence, and the manufacturer can be held accountable for that negligence in court.

At The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC, we keep up-to-date information on SUV rollover statistics, and we know which SUVs are the most vulnerable to flipping over. We also know how to identify whether negligent vehicle manufacturing and/or manufacturing errors were likely to blame for a particular accident. We use this information to our clients’ advantage in court when seeking to hold SUV manufacturers accountable for personal injuries and/or wrongful death-related damages.

Our office works on a contingency fee bases, meaning that we do not charge our clients a penny until — and only if — we are able to obtain a financial recovery on their behalf. If you or your family member has been involved in a sport utility vehicle rollover event, we are here for you.