It doesn’t seem like it should be fall yet. However, the temperatures are falling, rain and other precipitation keep coming down and pumpkins are starting to appear on doorsteps. While it might not seem like there is much to consider when driving in the fall, that really couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are some safety tips to remember during this season:

— Weather conditions can change rapidly in the fall. A gorgeous, warm afternoon can turn cold and raining in minutes. The days are also getting shorter, so you might be heading to or from work in the dark.

–The first few weeks of fall rain can really be dangerous. The oil and dust that has collected on the road mixed with the rain can make for slick conditions. Keep this in mind when the rain showers start.

— With early mornings in the fall, fog will return. This can make heading to or from work more dangerous than usual. Your perception of distance and your visibility can be affected by fog. Some people use their high beam lights in foggy weather, but this just makes it more difficult to see through the glare of the lights hitting the fog. Low beam lights are much better for driving in fog. In addition, remember to slow down so you have time to react if needed.

— There is always a possibility of deer on Virginia roadways. The fall is the time that deer migrate and mate. If you live where deer are prevalent, use extra care.

While you may be driving safely and following the above tips, others may not be. If you are in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may have a cause to seek compensation. An attorney experienced in car accident cases can give you more information.

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