If you’re in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia, you might come across a new pamphlet on alcoholism. The title of it, “Alcoholism & Denial Destroyed My Life.” It is written by a woman who is well known in the area for drunk driving.

In 2008, she and a friend drove separate vehicles after leaving a downtown bar. Both vehicles crashed into a road construction crew working the nightshift on Electric Road. One of the workers was killed.

Both of the drivers pleaded guilty to DUI, but they were also charged with aggravated manslaughter. Both were convicted of that charge and their sentence was 2.5 years and 6.5 years, suspended. In 2014, the woman was arrested again for DUI, with a blood alcohol concentration of .25 — which is more than three times the legal limit. She was convicted and sentenced to five years, which was the maximum sentence. She was also sentenced to the 6.5 years from the previous case.

The woman said she wrote the pamphlet because she knows that she is an alcoholic. She also said that she wanted to tell people that it isn’t too late for other people who are alcoholics to avoid ending up in prison. She said that when she gets out of prison, she wants to work as a substance abuse counselor.

The woman’s attorney said that he hopes to get her 11.5-year sentences reduced. From the comments listed on the source article, that idea is not very popular. Some people even say that the title of the pamphlet shows that the whole thing is about her and not her victims.

If you have been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, you have rights. An attorney can help you learn more about these rights and what your legal options are.

Source: roanoke.com, “Casey: Nininger says her days of denial are past,” Dan Casey, Dec. 14, 2015