When a truck driver is responsible for an accident that claimed the life of your loved one, you have a right to seek compensation. However, you may also have a right to seek compensation from the trucking company, the truck maintenance crew and/or the truck manufacturer.

A truck accident can occur because of truck driver error, inadequate maintenance, a defective part or many other reasons. At The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC, we represent truck accident victims and their families. We understand how difficult a time this is for all of you. We also know that you want answers about why the accident happened in the first place. We work with investigators, accident reconstructionists and other experts to determine why an accident happened. We will expose the negligent behaviors that contributed to the fatal injuries your loved one suffered.

We aggressively pursue wrongful death cases against all parties who were at fault in the accident. Some of the questions we ask include:

— Did the truck driver obey all federal and state laws and regulations regarding the operation of the truck?

— Did the truck manufacturer create a defective part, such as tires or brakes?

— Did someone load the truck improperly, causing it to roll over?

— Did the trucking company hire a driver who was not qualified or who had a record of unsafe driving?

These are just a few of the questions that must be answered. We will help you get the answers you need. We will also help you seek compensation to deal with your loved one’s final expenses or loss of income. To learn more about your options after a truck accident, please visit our web pages on the topic.