Each day in the United States, 28 people die because an alcohol-impaired person chose to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. In 2014, there were almost 10,000 people killed in crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers, which accounted for 31 percent of all deaths related to traffic accidents in the U.S.

There are effective measures that can help prevent such tragic deaths from occurring every 53 minutes. However, for families who have lost a loved one, the fact that those measures didn’t protect their loved one can haunt them.

The people that are most at risk for being involved in a fatal crash are young people, ages 21 to 24. Motorcyclists who died in crashes in 2014 also had high levels of driving while impaired. Twenty-nine percent had a blood alcohol level of at least .08 percent.

Drivers involved in a fatal crash and had a BAC of at least .08 percent were also more likely to have a DWI conviction in the past — seven times more likely.

In 2014, there were more than 1.1 million drivers arrested for impaired driving involving drugs or alcohol. However, that only accounts for 1 percent of the 121 million times U.S. adults reported that they drove while impaired by alcohol.

Seeking compensation from a drunk driver can help some families find justice for their loved ones that were killed. Compensation may be sought for final expenses, medical expenses, lost future wages and more. A lawyer who is experienced in wrongful death lawsuits can help you determine if this is the way you want to proceed.

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