When someone is injured in a trucking accident that is not his or her fault, the driver is likely the first one who is considered liable. However, there can be other defendants named in such a lawsuit.

As a result of a truck accident in Putnam County, Virginia, two lawsuits have been fled. Both lawsuits name the truck driver and the company he worked for, Murphy Transportation, as defendants.

According to plaintiffs, the driver was driving a 2004 Freightliner truck that was owned/leased/controlled by Murphy Transportation, now calling themselves M&Q Trucking Inc.

The accident occurred on April 23, 2014, when the plaintiffs were in a 2012 Toyota Prius. The truck driver rear-ended the car, causing serious injuries to the two women inside. The plaintiffs alleged that the truck driver caused the collision because he operated the truck in a careless, reckless and negligent manner. Because the defendants believe they were owed a duty of care for the truck to operate his vehicle in a reasonably prudent and safe manner and that duty was breached, the plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages of an unknown amount.

When semis are involved in accident, there are usually very serious injuries suffered by the occupants of the other vehicle. When this occurs, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more may be experienced. A personal injury lawsuit against the person and entities responsible for the accident can provide the financial relief you need to move forward with your life. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with additional information on how to proceed.

Source: West Virginia Record, “Two lawsuits filed against Murphy Transportation for car accident,” Kyla Asbury, April 28, 2016