Do you ever see a semi-truck driver make a boneheaded move on the road and wonder if the driver got his commercial driver’s license out of a Crackerjack box?

It might not be that great of a stretch, unfortunately. Many truck drivers have not gotten adequate training before getting behind the wheel of these big rigs.

That just can’t be good. Consider the extreme weight and size of these behemoths. Add a cargo load of volatile chemicals or flammable liquids and you basically have a rolling time bomb in the lane next to you.

Every year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that 5,000 people die and another 100,000 suffer injuries in collisions with large commercial semi-truck s. One study determined that roughly 27 percent of accidents involving big rigs were attributed to the driver’s inadequate driving training.

At any given time, American companies are short around 50 K truck drivers who are needed to start shipping cargo from across town and from coast to coast. This causes companies to hire drivers who haven’t received enough training to safely operate their big rigs.

Whether it’s a clipped auto when a semi-truck swings too wide around a corner, a trailer that sways into the next lane and takes out a school bus or a jackknifed rig across three lanes causing a multi-car pile-up, these are preventable hazards that could be eliminated.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a wreck caused by an at-fault commercial truck driver, you have legal options available to you. Whether you decide to file a claim or a civil lawsuit is best left up to you and your attorney to decide.

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