Even though winter is still having its way with parts of the northeast, spring is just around the corner. The spring months are prime times for dense fog to accumulate on highways, making driving even riskier than usual.

Below are some tips for safer driving in foggy weather.

— Slow down when driving through patches of fog, The unpredictability and different densities of fog is extra dangerous after dark and before dawn. Never drive faster than you can see the road ahead.

— Headlights should always be on in fog, but not your brights, which can create visual illusions and blind other drivers.

— Turning on the hazard lights when traveling through particularly dense fog can help others spot your vehicle before they are right on top of it.

— The white line on the edge of the roadway is often referred to as the “fog line.” Drivers can follow the fog line to guide their course.

— Because traffic slows when the fog rolls in, be alert for brake lights ahead.

— On nights when it’s very foggy, consider changing your plans to postpone your drive. At the least, pull off at a well-lit exit and wait out the worst of it at a truck stop or diner.

If you wind up injured in a crash with an at-fault driver during foggy conditions, he or she may be liable financially for your damages, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other torts.

A Virginia personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and recommend the best course of action for you to take.

Source: Bay & Bay Transportation, “Dense Fog Driving Tips for Truck Drivers,” accessed March 10, 2017