A 79-year-old man was lucky to survive a car collision. However, soon after exiting his vehicle to survey the damage, a passing car fatally struck him while he was on foot. The fatal incident happened in Prince George’s County.

Maryland State Police say that the first car accident was a minor one between the 79-year-old man and two more cars. The man wasn’t faulted for the first accident that led to him stopping on the side of the road. That accident happened after a female driver hit the senior man’s car and another vehicle.

After the crash, authorities rushed the female driver to the hospital for treatment. The older man was the only fatality in the collision.

At this time, no one has been charged in the accident. The Maryland State Police are continuing to investigate evidence gathered from witnesses and at the accident scene. As police investigate fault, they will likely review whether the driver who struck the man was distracted, inattentive or in violation of any laws. Following police investigations, the State Attorney’s Office of Prince George’s County will make the determination on charges.

Regardless of who police hold responsible for a fatal Virginia car accident, surviving family members of the those who died may want to investigate the pursuit of wrongful death claims related to their loved one’s loss. A wrongful death claim can be a way for close family members — not only to seek money to pay for end of life expenses — but also a way to gain a sense of closure relating to the death of their loved one.

Source: wjla.com, “Police: 79-year-old man hit, killed on scene of 3-vehicle crash in Md.,” Kendra Mann, March 29, 2017