The Easter holiday is supposed to be a time of cheer, when we enjoy days spent with loving family members. As such, when an unplanned car accident interrupts such a holiday to bring catastrophic injury, death and tragedy, it’s particularly disheartening. This is exactly what happened to one Virginia family of four last weekend.

The tragedy involved an unexpected semi-truck accident over Easter weekend. The incident left community members — especially the members of Concord Church of Christ — reeling. According to news reports, a family of four was driving through West Virginia on Interstate 77 to visit relatives last weekend when a semi-truck hit them.

Police say that the semi-truck driver lost control of his vehicle before striking the family. The force of the collision caused the truck to catch fire and the entire family was killed. The mother, father, their 10-year-old boy and their 13-year-old girl, did not survive. Funeral services were scheduled for Friday afternoon, April 21, a Catawba College. School officials at Salisbury Academy — where the 13-year-old attended school, also planned a private vigil.

Aside from information indicating that the semi-truck driver “lost control,” we don’t know anything else about the cause of this horrible accident. However, as police and car accident investigators try to piece together the events that preceded the crash, we will know doubt discover more.

When the cause of a Virginia car accident is clear, surviving family members of car accident victims may want to pursue a wrongful death action in court. Through a successful wrongful death action, family members can seek money to pay for end of life expenses and other financial compensation for the loss of their loved ones.

Source: Independent Tribune, “Family of four killed over Easter weekend attended Concord church,” April 17, 2017