For the average-sized person, it can take between two and four drinks to reach a 0.08 percent alcohol content, which is the legal limit for driving in Virginia. If you’re under the age of 21, then any amount of alcohol in your system could render you too drunk to legally drive. Nevertheless, every day and every night there are countless intoxicated drivers on the road.

You may have driven right next to several intoxicated drivers on your way home from work today, or you might have been surrounded by drunk drivers on your way home from a party late at night. The truth is, as a society, we may never completely eradicate the horrible problem of drunk driving until we do away with drivers altogether and switch over completely to computer-driven automated cars.

The worst part about drunk driving, however, is not that it’s illegal. It’s that the vast majority of drunk drivers never get caught, and sometimes cause injurious and fatal car accidents. Knowing that a DUI-caused death or injury could have been avoided if the DUI driver had been more responsible is a particularly devastating fact for victims and their families to come to terms with.

Part of the healing process and one of the ways that victims can seek justice and restitution following a DUI accident, is to pursue a wrongful death or personal injury claim. Usually, when it’s clear that the accident was caused by an intoxicated person, that person’s insurance will be eager to settle the matter. However, if it’s unclear that the person was intoxicated, the insurance company might try to fight the victims’ claims in court. When this happens, victims can benefit from having an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer — such as the lawyers at the Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman — advocating on their behalf.