Drunk driving laws are strict in Virginia for a reason; quite simply, driving while intoxicated results in unnecessary death and injuries. Police and community members must therefore do everything they can to educate others about the inherent dangers of drunk driving, as well as the criminal and legal consequences of engaging in the behavior.

Drunk drivers who cause fatal or injurious crashes may find themselves spending years in jail and paying thousands of dollars in fines. They may also find them liable for the financial damages relating to the medical care and other damages suffered by their victims.

Virginia residents injured by drunk drivers will have strong claims to seek financial restitution and justice in court. Injured parties can pursue money from the at-fault drunk driver to pay for their medical care, pain and suffering, disabilities, time spent unable to work and more.

However, the pursuit of a personal injury action after a drunk driving crash will not only help you — it will also help bring more attention to the fact that Virginia residents will hold irresponsible and unlawful drivers responsible for the injuries and damages they cause. Sending this message to those who might potentially drive drunk can do a lot of good to encourage people to be more responsible.

Did you get hurt in a drunk driving crash? By speaking with a Manassas personal injury attorney, you can evaluate whether you can seek compensation against the person responsible. At the Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, we have personal injury lawyers on staff who will review your injuries and the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine the most appropriate legal strategies to employ on your behalf.